when a sweet dream becomes a nightmare – giving up google app engine

If you read my previous post “getting started with google app engine”  you might have noticed I was bit exited about google’s free cloud hosting. So I built two apps on google app engine. (http://hathmaluwa.appspot.com/ and http://www.buzzradio.lk/) although I dont have any monetary benefits from those apps, developing them helped me to gain valuable practical knowledge on python,django,resource handling, optimizing code, server caching, browser caching and OAuth  protocol.

In May 2011, Google announced that they are going to alter the App Engine pricing in later 2011.  Since my both google apps rarely  reached 10% in any resource aspects I had nothing to be afraid of.

on September 1, 2011  they announced comparison billing. Google’s new billing  estimate for my apps were around $10 per day for hathmaluwa and $2 per day for buzzradio. Since 2011 November it will increase again by 100%. which led me no option than trying to optimize my apps or giving up google apps engine. After 1st optimizing round  pricing became $3 and $0.5 respectively for hathmaluwa and buzzradio. I decided to give up hathmaluwa google app and optimize further buzzradio app. Now hathmaluwa.org is totally migrated to php which is far far more portable. For buzzradio app I havent made any decision yet.

new pricing dimension Frontend Instance Hours was the real problem for most of GAE developers.  price increase was 5-10X for large apps, 300X for small apps ie some bills went from $5000 to $26000, and some went from $60 to $2000, and some from free to $60.

The worst part of the story is being locked-in to GAE, google gave only  eight weeks  configure and tune  applications to manage costs.

By the way I am not the only one who is frustrated about new GAE pricings.


  1. hare :-) says:


    I was thinking that google was offering it free. Let’s hope this will not come to other services.

  2. budhajeewa says:

    Even though we love Google, this is something we can expect from such companies.

  3. Stranger says:

    yes.. Finally.. There are no any place to host Python time to switch back to PHP and say PHP is the best… :P

    • Pahan says:

      We should not totally rely on one programming language. There are places to host python, but in this scenario there are google app engine specific libraries I used.

  4. Kasun says:

    Try WSO2 StratosLive Application Server ? http://stratoslive.wso2.com/

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